Puerto Rico Alpha Chapter
2004 Inauguration Activities
Guest speaker, Dipesh Navsaria, MPH, PA-C, Medical Student and AAMC's OSR 2003-2004 National Delegate
for Medical Education, sharing his thoughts on professionalism in medicine.
House Staff Member, Angel A. Gómez, receiving society certificate from Dr.Esther Torres and Dr. Edgar Colón, Diagnostic Radiology Program Director and AOA Member.  
Faculty Member, Dr. Walter Silva, receiving society certificate from Dr. Esther Torres and Dr. Francisco Joglar, Dean of UPR School of Medicine and AOA Member.
Faculty Member, Dr. Manuel García Ariz, and his daughter, María Elena García, Senior Class Member.
Junior Class 2003-2004 Inductees and Chapter Councillor.
In the accustomed order:
Efrén Flores, Michelle Santiago, Gisela Murray, Dr. Torres, Alicia Román, Katyna Rosario, Gory Ballester.