Alpha Omega Alpha Puerto Rico
Alpha, Beta, and Gamma Chapters
2004 Annual Reunion
 This year's annual reunion was held at University of Puerto Rico's Botanical Garden on January 24, 2004. Members from Puerto Rico's Alpha, Beta and Gamma Chapters had the opportunity to fraternize over lunch. Guest speaker, Dr. Ernesto Frontera, psychiatrist and faculty member at UCC's Medical School, shared with fellow AOA members his thoughts on professionalism in medicine.
In the accustomed order: PR AOA Members: María B. Villar, Yamilet Tirado, Alberto Guardiola (PR Gamma), Mayra Maldonado (PR Gamma), Laura Frontera, and Elizabeth Trullenque
Dr. Ernesto Frontera addresses fellow AOA members.
Dr. Ernesto Frontera, receives from Alpha Chapter Councillor, Dr. Esther A. Torres, a plaque in recognition of his exemplary professionalism. Also above Dr. José Ginel Rodríguez, Gamma Chapter Councillor and Dr. Iván Iriarte, Beta Chapter Councillor.
PR Alpha Chapter Senior Class Members and Chapter Councillor, Dr. Esther A. Torres.