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Harold Jaffe, MD, MA–AΩA Visiting Professor

On November 14, the Alpha Chapter of ΑΩΑ in South Carolina was honored with the visit of Dr. Harold Jaffe, MD, MA, Associate Director for Science, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, GA, who participated as an AOA Visiting Professor in the 213rd Edition of the AIDS Symposium organized by Medical University faculty and which is an integral part of the Colleges of Medicine and Dental Medicine in our institution.

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Dr. Jaffe's presentation at the AIDS Symposium was very original and captivating. Using clips from the movie "And The Band Played on..." on which he was one of the main characters, Dr. Jaffe reminisced about the dramatic events that marked the onset of the AIDS epidemic, pointing out the parts embellished for cinematic effect, and the accurate recreation of the fear that was felt by those at highest risk, most of them having died before the movie was filmed. This aspect of the AIDS epidemic is not very well known by the younger generations, and the students in the room were truly mesmerized by the narrative. We were very fortunate to have a first hand witness retelling the story with a masterful presentation. Furthermore, Dr. Jaffe illustrated vividly the dedication of the CDC team to determine the cause of the initial outbreaks of Pneumocystis jiroveci pneumonia and Kaposi’s sarcoma. The collective dedication and leadership of the group of which Dr. Jaffe was a member since the first day came out across in a very vivid fashion. Dr. Jaffe received a standing ovation at the end of his presentation. An evaluation of the Symposium showed that out of 135 responding students 52% considered the presentation as excellent and 28% as good, the best ratings for the AOA lecture in the last few years.

Besides his presentation in the AIDS symposium Dr. Jaffe attended a dinner organized on his honor by our ΑΩΑ chapter and attended by Dr. Preston Church, AIDS Symposium coordinator, faculty and student members of our ΑΩΑ chapter, and all other invited speakers that participated in the symposium. Also, Dr. Jaffe presented a lecture to the Infectious Diseases Division faculty, colleagues (from pharmacy and microbiology), and trainees (ID fellows, medicine residents, medical students, pharmacy students and residents) about the early history of the HIV epidemic in the United States (an extension of the ΑΩΑ lecture), followed by questions and answers, and he toured the ID Division and affiliated clinics, participating in further discussions with ID faculty and trainees.

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