"Be worthy to Serve the Suffering" Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society

The University of South Carolina

South Carolina Beta Chapter of Alpha Omega Alpha


Annual Giving Tree Project

Every year the Alpha Omega Alpha chapter supports local Free Medical Clinics in Columbia and Greenville by setting up Christmas trees at medical school and hospital campuses to solicit donations of items needed for the local clinics. This project has become a huge success and garners a lot of involvement from medical school and hospital employees, students and faculty. By receiving substantial donations of staple items, the clinics are able to divert their funds to other critical needs areas

Role Models in Medicine

Established in 1997, this program invites high school students from around the state to visit the School of Medicine and learn more about medicine and careers in health care. The event is generally held twice early each year. Visiting students and guidance counselors are provided with lunch and an introduction to the medical field, medical school, and other healthcare career options. Alpha Omega Alpha student and faculty members also facilitate workshops on topics such as gross anatomy, ultrasound, pathology, the human brain, physiology, and suturing. It is an excellent experience for all involved.

Medical Jeopardy

Beginning in 2000, the annual Medical Jeopardy competition was originally a way for students for neighboring AOA chapters to interact. Students from University of South Carolina School of Medicine, the Medical University of South Carolina, and Medical College of Georgia would gather for a collegial battle of the minds. Over the years, the competition has continued, but now involves an annual face-off between student AOA members and faculty members at USC School of Medicine. It is a terrific opportunity to have fun, learn a little, and enjoy seeing students and faculty in action.

Annual Induction Banquet

Each year the Alpha Omega Alpha chapter conducts the annual induction banquet for new members. Traditionally, this event is held the evening before National Match Day. The 2011 induction ceremony was held on March 16, 2011 at The Summit Club in Columbia, SC with AAMC President and CEO Dr. Darrell G. Kirch providing the keynote address "From Medical School Applicant to Health Reform Leader."

Other Events

The chapter has several other events throughout the year to encourage social and professional networking including student member meetings, social events, and student-faculty gatherings.