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The Pharos Spring 2010

The Pharos

Download The Pharos Spring 2010 Edition
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Articles marked with an arrow may be downloaded individually. For articles not marked, please contact Dee Martinez.

In this Issue:

  • Editorial: Existentialism, the physician's philosophy
  • Alpha Omega Alpha elects honorary members
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Reviews and Reflections
  • The Physician at the Movies
  • National and Chapter News: Minutes of the 2009 meeting of the board of directors of Alpha Omega Alpha

  • Carolus Linnaeus (Carl von Linne), 1707-1778: The Swede Who Named Almost Everything, by Charles T. Ambrose, MD
  • Drowning in Science, Saved by Shakespeare, by Larry Z. Zaroff, MD, PhD
  • The Ethics of Cosmetic Enhancement, by Anna Raphael, MD
  • Ethical Issues in the Use of Cognitive Enhancement, by Ryan Darby
  • Death on Call, by Alison Wiesenthal
  • Eudaimonia, Existentialism, and the Practice of Medicine, by Andrew Radu, MD
  • Health Policy: The Consumer Movement in Health Care, by Eric J. Topol, MD
  • Health Policy: Expanding Physician Supply - An Imperative for Health Care Reform, by Richard A. Cooper, MD

  • Rhabdomyosarcoma, by Mark Warren
  • Studying in the Afternoon, by Erika Elise Reid
  • The Alabaster Kiss, by John C. Wood, MD
  • Snapshot, by Wynne Morrison, MD
  • The Procedure, by Seth Ilgenfritz
  • On Wrinkles, by Henry N. Claman, MD
  • A Simple Walk, by Steven F. Isenberg, MD

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